I am cycling from South Africa to Kenya to raise fund for the education for the refugees living in an autonomous and self-organized refugee camp, Lesvos Solidarity – Pikpa camp. The camp is based on Lesvos Island, Greece and its work depends solely on donations.

I personally know the organization since in 2016 I have joined the volunteers of Lesvos Solidarity – Pikpa camp that provides humanitarian support to the most vulnerable refugees arriving at the shores of the island. Therefore, I know first hand how essential this fundraising is for the camp’s residents. I cannot be more proud and grateful to have experienced the process of giving, in forms of love and hope with the team.  With you help I’m devoted to reach my goal.

The aim of this fundraising campaign is to be able to collect enough money to start and support a new project for refugee's education. Over the next three months, I will cover around 6500kms on the way. It is surely be the biggest test of my physical ability and I’m wishing to bring about a change in Lesvos by giving these opportunities to refugees.

In times of desperation and crisis, Lesvos Solidarity – Pikpa camp has succeeded not only to provide the refugees with basic needs, shelter, food, medical care and also simple joys of life. It also successfully carries out projects and events for refugee's education, integration and well-being.

From learning an instrument and being in a football team to having a reason to laugh and feeling at home, we should all have equal opportunities no matter who we are and where we are from.

Big or small, your donation will put smiles on the faces of children that went through crisis no child deserves to go through. It will give hopes to those that lost their loved ones in the sea. It may even spark a purpose in the lives of those that feel lost.

Please help me accomplish my goal.

Thank you

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